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My goal is to ease your mind by taking the burden of bookkeeping and marketing off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on your small business or non-profit. 

I would love to help you with a social media and marketing plan, get your books in order, or both. 

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TY's Internal Wellness

I receive a lot of individuals and companies who would like to create my content for my business. I need to put this out there, I am not looking for anyone to create my content. I have someone who I collaborate with.

Tina has learnt and embraced my vision. She has leaned in to create content that fully aligns with me and whom I am reaching out to.

Tina knows me and understands the uniqueness of what I do.

So thank you for reaching out, but I am not interested. I will be in cahoots with Stewart Solutions for the unforeseeable future.